Dr. Nicole Cammack Talks Black Mental Wellness

Dr. Cammack is passionate about mental health awareness, treatment, and reducing the mental health stigma, particularly as it relates to Black communities. Both her clinical and research interests have continually focused on mental health issues specific to the Black community and identifying ways to address the cultural and systemic issues that impact Black mental health and wellness.  This passion is what led to the development of Black Mental Wellness.


“The more we have these conversations, the more these conversations can be had.” ~ Alison Jaye

2 comments on “Dr. Nicole Cammack Talks Black Mental Wellness

  1. Cindy says:

    This was so interesting to listen. Seeing children are being treated differently is heart breaking. Everybody should get the same level of help. It’s just a basic human right. Cindy

  2. Nancy says:

    I really don’t understand what makes it right to treat people so differently because of skin color.
    Thank you for talking about this. Nancy

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