Annie Joubert – Hookers for Jesus, From Sex Trafficking to Jesus (and Everything Inbetween)

Annie Lobert  Founder of Hookers for Jesus

Annie, author of the book Fallen: Out of the Sex Industry & Into the Arms of the Savior

Annie’s story is one of overcoming and survival.  In Fallen, Annie tells her remarkable story of surviving sex trafficking with sixteen years in the sex industry, breaking free, finding healing, and then reaching back to help others to also find freedom. Her memoir opens a window into a sordid, shadowy world of sex trafficking but shows just how bright God’s light can truly shine in the darkness.

After surviving more than a decade of sex trafficking, Annie started Hookers for Jesus in 2005. They are a survivor-led outreach and safe house for women looking for an escape from the sex industry.

Addressing the harmful effects of prostitution, sex trafficking and sexual exploitation linked to pornography and the sex industry. Hookers for Jesus help women who have been negatively affected by the sex industry find hope, healing and full restoration.

Impact – Through our programs, offers transitional support to at-risk women who want to escape the commercial sex industry. This includes providing spiritual, emotional and physical support and healing as these women work to leave their past behind and embrace a life of purpose and destiny.

Destiny House – This is a 9-24 month, no charge, transitional estate for sex trafficking victims and commercially exploited women. Our unique residential facilities and programming are designed to address the whole person with trauma informed care: spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. Services include individualized programs, biblically-based counseling, trauma therapy, nutrition education, fitness instruction, life-skills training and educational opportunities.

Ladies of Destiny – A weekly support group and faith study for trafficking victims, commercially exploited women and any other women interested in joining at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas.

Grace Chicks – A support ministry for transportation, meals, gift cards and resources for sex trafficking victims and commercially exploited women outside of the Destiny House program.

KISS – (Keeping Innocent Sisters Safe): Jail outreach for juvenile and adult sex trafficking victims and commercially exploited women. This includes prevention and education about sex trafficking.

SATURDAY NIGHT LOVE – Outreach to sex industry participants/sex trafficking victims at the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.

Helpline & Donations – 702-883-5155

HFJ Offices

10120 W Flamingo Rd
Suite 4-506
Las Vegas, NV 89147


“The more we have these conversations, the more these conversations can be had.” ~ Alison Jaye

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