Dr. Dani Gordon ~ Resilience Medicine

Dr. Dani Gordon ~ Resilience Medicine

Dr. Dani Gordon the founder of Resilience Clinic is a double board-certified medical doctor, author and world-leading expert in integrative and cannabinoid (yes as in cannabis but the legal kind for medical use by prescription!) medicine. She has over 10 years expertise treating 1000s of patients first in North America and now in the UK, with stress-related illnesses, burnout, women’s health issues, chronic fatigue, and mental health conditions to help them dramatically improve their quality of life, energy, resilience, and wellbeing where drugs alone didn’t work.

She was one of the youngest physicians to become American board certified in Integrative Medicine (the newest US physician subspecialty). She trained the UK’s first cannabis medicine physicians & speaks internationally on cannabis and integrative medicine. She has lectured at Imperial College, King’s College, and University College London (UCL) and spoken at the UN. She is a founding member and current vice chair of the UK Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society (MCCS) and a member of the Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group and Drug Science’s Cannabis Working Group Dr. Gordon offers simple, practical and positive takeaways that can be used to help her patients get more resilient, more energy, improve their mental wellbeing, and flourish.


“The more we have these conversations, the more these conversations can be had”. ~ Alison Jaye