Raw Chef Gail – Kale Her Way

Before LaRhonda Gail Adger arrived into the world, chaos and trauma was introduced to her frail being when an abortion procedure was performed on her. A few weeks following, she was delivered, not breathing. Dead. She was placed in a trash bag about to be thrown into a dumpster. Then suddenly, someone heard a cough….

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When “Prophetic” Evangelicals Call It Wrong

  Over the past few months I have seen and heard many Prophets or in some cases profits “prophesy” and some “prophi -lie” about what is going to happen in the 2020 election. Now, I know this has been going on for decades, but it seems to have really ramped up in the past few…

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Dr. Delroy Hall – Good Mental Health & Bereavement Counselling

Dr. Hall has worked as a counsellor for over thirty years within a variety of settings. Namely universities, the NHS, the third sector, mental health services, Rampton Hospital, and private practice. Before training as a counsellor, he worked as a telephone engineer for a well-known telecoms company. For over thirty years he has been a…

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