Bishop RC Blakes Jr. – Relationships, The Husband, The Man

Alison sits down with Bishop RC Blakes Jr. to discuss relationships, the husband, and the man.  He believes that transformation happens in conversation. He tackles issues and subjects that are sometimes uncomfortable for many leaders to address and maybe even difficult for some people to understand. Bishop Blakes women’s empowerment conferences (Queenology) are life changing…

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Chika Okoro – Colorism, It’s still a thing!

Chika Okoro, is passionate about all things women of color and believe it is her calling to inspire Black women to find self-love, self-worth, and experience the healing that enables them to have the confidence to live the full expression of themselves. In 2015, while getting her MBA at Stanford, Chika came across a casting…

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Baz Dreisinger – Incarceration Nations

Alison speaks with Baz Dreisinger, A Journey to Justice in Prisons Around the World. The School to prison pipeline is real! Professor, journalist, and founder of the Prison-to-College-Pipeline program, Baz Dreisinger looks into the human stories of incarcerated men and women and those who imprison them, creating a jarring, poignant view of a world to which most…

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