Latasha Dayes Good Hair & Scalp Health

Good Hair & Scalp Health Latasha, The owner of Snakx Beauty Spa. With over 19 years’ experience and 15 years as a business owner. Latasha prides herself on her standard of excellence in both high fashion and classical hairdressing. Living by the theory “Healthy Hair is Paramount,” Latasha strives to provide guidance to her clients…

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King Cas Ajani – Stories Boys Don’t Like to Tell

King Cas Ajani, an author, actor, playwright, producer, motivational speaker and learning mentor. King Cas, as an emotional wellbeing and development Coach, also works with young men of color who have suffered childhood sexual abuse trauma, but are often silenced by the fear of their masculinity being brought into question. Ajani and Alison Jaye sit…

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Novelette Aldred Tranquility Counselling – Counselling Behind Bars – Part 2

Join Alison as she Concludes her conversations with Novelette Aldred, on being a counsellor to prisoners, pre-marital couples, married and her journey to becoming a Chaplain.  Novelette believes that The philosophy of counselling is like a journey from despair to hope; with strong emphasis of respect and empathy. It is conducted in a non-judgemental relationship,…

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