Foster Care and Adoption, A Social Workers View with Liz Faria

A mother busy raising 3 little ones and writing a blog about raising kids. What does Liz know about kids? Well, in addition to being a mom, she has also worked with children throughout her career. Liz is a Licensed Independent Social Worker (LICSW) with a Bachelor’s in Child Development from Tufts University, and a master’s…

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Laura Scott – The Childless by Choice Project

Laura S. Scott, is the happily childfree author of Two Is Enough and Producer of The Childless by Choice Project documentary. Which is a research project, a book, and a documentary that explores the motives and the decision-making process behind the choice to remain childfree. Having conducted a survey of almost 200 childless by choice…

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Robin Hadley Investigating the Complexities of Male Childlessness

Robin Hadley a world expert on male childlessness and ageing, a researcher, speaker, teacher, and writer.  Robin’s area of research concerns the impact of male involuntary childlessness across the lifecourse. Also, having completed a Project Titled: Survey Of Men And Women’s Feelings Around Parenthood And Childlessness Which Examines If Childlessness Effected the Happiness of Older People, their Wellbeing,…

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