Dr. Shalon’s Maternal Project

Sextortion ~ Do It For James Foundation

Sextortion ~ Do It For James Foundation Tamia and Tim are the parents of James Timothy Woods. James was a 17-year-old high school student. A person who ran year-round just because. He started with outdoor track and field. Wanting to better his times and increase his endurance, he began to run around his neighborhood. Always…

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Andra Love ~ I Want to Know What Love Is

Andra’s mission is simply to propel women into healthy lasting relationships. She wants to see women healed from their past trauma and brokenness. Wanting to empower couples to discover their love languages and to establish a relationship that is free from abusive patterns. This book is influenced by her self-discovery as a woman of purpose,…

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Dr. Shalon’s Maternal Action Project

Dr. Shalon’s Maternal Action Project On January 28, 2017, Dr. Shalon Irving passed away from complications after giving birth to her daughter. Dr. Shalon was a brilliant scientist with a passion for improving community health. “I see inequity wherever it exists, call it by name, and work to eliminate it,” she wrote. As an epidemiologist…

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