Ethel Mae

Trauma, Mental Health & Supporting Girls & Their Incarcerated Mothers with Ilyse Kennedy

Ilyse Kennedy is the founder of Moving Parts Psychotherapy. A Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Perinatal Mental Health Professional, and EMDRIA Certified Clinician. Ilyse has always been a helper by nature. As a child, this meant befriending children who struggled, and talking bullies down to empathy. She enjoyed having deep connections…

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Living Single, Single Ladies Commandments with Jasmine Jones

Engineer by day at a Fortune 500 automotive company in Detroit, Michigan, Jasmine Jones is an inspirational speaker, author, and owner of a T-shirt and lifestyle brand known as The Single Ladies’ Collection.  Jasmine describes herself and a combination of Katherine Johnson and Sarah Jakes-Roberts As an author of The Commandments Series, Jasmine engages an…

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Childless Not By Choice, A Journey of Infertility – Stephanie Phillips, World Childless Week Founder

Stephanie was inspired to start World Childless Week after recognizing the need for a global campaign that supports those who are childless not by choice. She admins several Facebook groups including Childless Path To Acceptance for those past the point of trying to conceive. Stephanie is also writing a self-help book about being childless not…

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