King Cas Ajani – Stories Boys Don’t Like to Tell

King Cas Ajani, an author, actor, playwright, producer, motivational speaker and learning mentor. King Cas, as an emotional wellbeing and development Coach, also works with young men of color who have suffered childhood sexual abuse trauma, but are often silenced by the fear of their masculinity being brought into question. Ajani and Alison Jaye sit…

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Yvonne John Dreaming of a Life Unlived – A Woman of Color’s Infertility Journey

Yvonne John is the author of Dreaming of a Life Unlived As a woman of color she knows only too well the experience of being silenced to the point of being too ashamed to say that I am childless but now Yvonne can celebrate the woman that she has become through the power of owning her…

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Happy New Year To You!

Happy New Year to you. No, I don’t mean the December 31st at 11:59pm kind of Happy New Year. I mean the month, week, day, hour, or minute that you decide, I am going to start my life, I am going to do things differently. We look forward to the strike of midnight on January…

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