Novelette Aldred

Trauma, Mental Health & Supporting Girls & Their Incarcerated Mothers with Ilyse Kennedy

Ilyse Kennedy is the founder of Moving Parts Psychotherapy. A Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Perinatal Mental Health Professional, and EMDRIA Certified Clinician. Ilyse has always been a helper by nature. As a child, this meant befriending children who struggled, and talking bullies down to empathy. She enjoyed having deep connections…

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Suicide Prevention, Kevin Briggs, The Guardian of The Golden Gate Bridge

Sergeant Kevin Briggs (also known as the Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge) was a California Highway Patrol officer noted for his work in suicide intervention, having dissuaded more than two hundred people from jumping off of the Golden Gate Bridge into the San Francisco Bay. He retirement from the California Highway Patrol in 2013…

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Novelette Aldred Tranquility Counselling – Counselling Behind Bars – Part 2

Join Alison as she Concludes her conversations with Novelette Aldred, on being a counsellor to prisoners, pre-marital couples, married and her journey to becoming a Chaplain.  Novelette believes that The philosophy of counselling is like a journey from despair to hope; with strong emphasis of respect and empathy. It is conducted in a non-judgemental relationship,…

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