King Cas Ajani – Stories Boys Don’t Like to Tell

King Cas Ajani, an author, actor, playwright, producer, motivational speaker and learning mentor. King Cas, as an emotional wellbeing and development Coach, also works with young men of color who have suffered childhood sexual abuse trauma, but are often silenced by the fear of their masculinity being brought into question. Ajani and Alison Jaye sit…

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Childless Not By Choice, A Journey of Infertility – Stephanie Phillips, World Childless Week Founder

Stephanie was inspired to start World Childless Week after recognizing the need for a global campaign that supports those who are childless not by choice. She admins several Facebook groups including Childless Path To Acceptance for those past the point of trying to conceive. Stephanie is also writing a self-help book about being childless not…

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Arron Muller – The Black Therapist

Arron Muller specializes in working with families and children using a wide variety of therapeutic interventions providing life coaching in the home. With several years of experience working with children, adolescents and teens, Arron has been able to address issues of low self-esteem, depression, bullying and adjustment disorders. He holds a masters degree in Social…

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