Veronica Simpson Back in Control Consultancy Domestic Abuse Awareness Training

Back In Control Consultancy

Veronica Simpson is one of London’s leading specialists in Safeguarding and Domestic Violence training.  An Expert in Domestic Violence/Abuse, Independent Domestic Violence Advocate Educator (IDVA), Educator, Trainer, Coach, Mentor, Motivator, Entrepreneur, Leader, with over a decade of experience, working with faith groups, local authorities and voluntary organisations to build their confidence.

​Veronica is a qualified Nuco Safeguarding Trainer & Educator and holds IRIS (Identification and Referral to Improve Safety) and IDVA (Independent Domestic Violence Advocate Educator)  Qualifications (Accredited by SAFELIVES)

At BICC they value the freedom to be yourself. To live a life free from abuse by another person. Your life should be enriched and full with the aid of hands that are willing to help you grow, achieve and excel.

Their Vision

Stop Gender Based Violence

Our Vision is to enhance Domestic Abuse Awareness throughout the Globe until abuse is not tolerated in society and faith communities.

Their Purpose

Is to educate and influence all ages, genders, religion and class in domestic abuse awareness, breaking barriers and attitudes within communities, faith communities, cultures and traditions to promote healthy choices in relationships and to respect relational boundaries.. BICC has built up many years of expertise in how organisations can promote safeguarding across their community – their leadership teams, employees and service users.

​Helping give others confidence in protecting those who may be at risk in their organization, all while ensuring legal compliance.



+44 (0)20 3150 0171

“The more we have these conversations, the more these conversations can be had.” ~ Alison Jaye

2 comments on “Veronica Simpson Back in Control Consultancy Domestic Abuse Awareness Training

  1. Min. Johns says:

    This is so necessary, especially as many people look to the church as a safe place, so training is essential.

    This was so good.

    Min. Johns

  2. Lisa says:

    So grateful that companies like this exist. We need to expose issues to make things better.

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