Emotionally Unavailable Love with Carrie Wynn

Carrie Wynn is a Writer & Relationship Coach.  She created a blog as a safe space for honest dialogue around relationships, overcoming narcissistic abuse, cultivating boundaries, and working through past traumas.

Carrie spent the first part of her life with a complete belief that her worth could only come from someone else. She didn’t have boundaries, and tolerated toxic behavior from both friends and relationships under the pretense of “love.”

It was when she began to work through her past trauma, she identified why she had struggled with a lack of self-love and worth. It took an almost detrimental relationship to “wake” her up and force her to realize that if she didn’t make changes her life would continue to look the same.

That was many years ago and now Carrie is here and happy to let us know that as hard and painful as it can be to work through the things we don’t want to face, that it is worth it on the other side.


“The more we have these conversations, the more these conversations can be had.” ~ Alison Jaye

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