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Laura S. Scott, is the happily childfree author of Two Is Enough and Producer of The Childless by Choice Project documentary. Which is a research project, a book, and a documentary that explores the motives and the decision-making process behind the choice to remain childfree.
Having conducted a survey of almost 200 childless by choice people in the US and Canada, the results revealed the most compelling motives to remain childless/childfree. Laura, the Childless by Choice Project documentary, tell us about your journey and your decision to not have children. As you mention the motives and decision-making process.
Join Laura S. Scott on this journey of discovery by reading and sharing comments on the Childless by Choice Project Blog.

 “The more we have these conversations, the more these conversations can be had.” ~ Alison Jaye

3 comments on “Laura Scott – The Childless by Choice Project

  1. Frank says:

    This was a really good discussion. More people need to hear this. Frank

  2. Tomas says:

    My wife and I have been on this journey for many years and we love our life being just to the two of us! Tomas

  3. Jenna says:

    Thank you Laura, Over the years so many people have commented on the fact I don’t have children and can be so ignorant with their comments. Nice to know I am not alone

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